Feather Tribe designs are made out various high vibe materials. We work with the magnificent Abalone and Mother of Pearl Shell, Buffalo Horn and Bone, and different kind of woods and metals.

Sustainably Sourced and Fair Trade
We make sure all materials are sustainably sourced and fair traded, mostly in Bali in support of the community there. 

Hand-carved and Hand-made
Our treasures are hand-carved, and hand-made. So whatever piece is calling to you, you will adorn yourself with craftsmanship. A side note here is that the measurements we give are guidelines and can slightly vary.

Abalone & Mother of Pearl Shell
Carving shell is a very unique craft, only mastered by a few around the world, which requires specialized training and experience. Feather Tribe works with four teams of Balinese Families who have are exquisite craftsman. 

Due to the nature of the material, every piece is unique. Abalone is predominantly an iridescent blue-green colour and full of rainbow spectrum flecks and natural patterns. The other Mother of Pearl colours are as magnificent, iridescent and unique. They are an absolute crowd-stopper, amazing to look at, and the energy in them feels incredible to wear. 

Just keep in mind, that the item you will receive will never look exactly the same as the one you see on the photographs. Your treasure will be as unique as you are.